Why us?

Anywhere is Awesome


We are an adventurous family of four, constantly looking for a new adventure far away from the mad rush of city life.
For years our family had joyful tours with our off-road caravan through Southern Africa. But in 2017 we lost our beloved home-away-from-home after an unfortunate accident in Namibia.
So starts the story of BorderX – because we could not find a caravan that suited our specific needs, we decided to develop and build our own.
By August 2018 we had our prototype, and it turned out better than we ever dreamed.
So, we have decided to share our dream, and make this a permanent lifestyle for our family.
Why name BorderX? Because thisfamily doesn’t want to know boundaries!
Our long-term vision is to drive all the way to Egypt, and when we’re done –why stop there?


26 Jakaranda Street, Centurion, Gauteng 0157, South Africa

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