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Your mattress is undoubtedly the single most used item of furniture in your home. From conception to our final moments, we find comfort and rest on our mattress. It is not possible to experience a good day after having spent the night on a poor mattress. In our lifetime we will spend up to 234 000 hours in our beds - that's 27 years! To withstand all the pressures of daily living, combined with the increasing need for a really good night's rest, you need to sleep on a great bed. If you don't, then your quality of life is much reduced.
Brothers Pine and Mattress Factory Stores was established in 1992 and is the largest manufacturing-retailer of its kind in South Africa. It is also the fastest growing mattress retailing group. Its origins and Head Office are located at its 6000 square meter facility at the Strand, Cape. Brothers is a major manufacturer of mattresses, with its own chain of franchises and stores, exporting its products as well as supplying to retail operators, hotels, numerous guest houses and lodges. We also supply medical institutions, state institutions, and international corporations, such as Anglo American and De Beers. Brothers manufacture over 600 varieties of mattresses and base sets, from plush to firm, small to big, and anything in-between. We have recently launched an all natural, wool range of mattresses and bedding.

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