Why us?

Camping made easy


After finalising our new Pro Pitch Technology™, BunduTec™ is merging family business with international standards. Our staff consists of an extended family group.

The people you deal with at BunduTec™ share your passion for the outdoors and enjoy promoting South African designs and manufactured outdoor equipment. Paired with professional services, we aim to promote our brand to people who it is best suited to.

While keeping our handmade heritage, our goal is to improve on product quality while retaining our unique variances on each product and offer a well-rounded product that can only be described as unique.

We take an informal approach to ensure we don’t incorporate too much of a corporate structure, striving to retain our personal relationships and at all times maintaining our well-established after-sales service.

Our main goal still remains the same – a good quality product.


521 Pretoria Road, Fairleads, Benoni, South Africa

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