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Cold Factor CC is a leading Company in the manufacturing of 3-way (Gas / Paraffin, Electric and 12V) absorption fridge / freezers.


An alternative to floating cheese and warm beer Cold Factor goes on an adventure with Kamp-Mal
Camping. It requires a packing, shopping, and padkos list as long as a 16th-century scroll. Among the grocery must-haves are meat (for the highly anticipated braais), cheese and tomatoes (for the braai broodjies), drinks (for the pain), and sunscreen (though generally neglected).
Since the dawn of leisure camping, the trusty cooler box has always been a handy companion on any trip. Grab your cooler, a bag of ice, and you’re good to go, right?
Depending on your family size and camping needs, you’re going to need an industrial chest freezer just for the meat – never mind the juice boxes, cheese, and beer. If you are like most families, chances are you’ve already had a fight, or ten, about whether the cheese deserves a cooler box spot more than the beer. Regardless of which gets chosen, they both end up floating in a grassy dam.
Fortunately, South African innovators have been in similar situations and created a new and improved solution to keeping your goodies cold and dry throughout your trip.
When cold is a factor you can’t do without
Two thirsty adults and a two-year-old walk onto a camping stand...
On our latest trip to Omaramba Holiday Resort, we needed a frosty pal to keep the beer, cheese, and juice boxes lekker cold.
Along came Cold Factor – a companion that would twist us around its frosty fingers the entire heritage weekend.
Cold Factor manufactures a variety of three-way absorption fridges/freezers ideal for both avid and
novice campers.

We had the privilege of taking a 70-litre fridge with us on the trip – and boy was it invaluable. Its incredible refrigerating capabilities and space made keeping our meat, groceries and drinks perfectly chilly throughout the weekend.
Though it had space for everything we needed to refrigerate, it was pleasantly compact and fit perfectly into the back of our cross-over SUV. We kept it running the night before and loaded it into the boot in the morning with all our bits and bobs already stocked.
After about an hour’s drive to the resort, our groceries were still chilled, in place, and nothing was floating around. The little basket inside the fridge was ideal for the cheese, ham, and bacon, while the bottom compartment kept our ice frozen, meat packets dry, and drinks chilled to perfection.
Being avid campers, Kamp-Mal appreciates the conveniences that remind us just how camping has evolved into a joyous, home-away-from-home experience.
Thank you, Cold Factor, for keeping our food cool and our hearts warm.
Visit http://coldfactor.co.za for more information on Cold Factor’s product range and pricing.

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