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Garden Park of KwaZulu-Natal's South Coast!


Ian and I lived in Johannesburg, working 9 to 5 jobs to provide for our family and as a consequence we were fortunate enough to send our kids to decent schools to get great educations. We were also able to go on hiking and camping holidays at least a few times every year. This is where our passion for camping began. There were no such things as TV’s and aircons, it was camping with the basic necessities, which is what camping is all about. Camping in the outdoors gave us quality time to relax and go to the beach from early in the morning till well into the afternoon and then head back to the campsite. The kids would spend hours playing outside with other kids, and then appear at dinner time, happy and hungry.

About 20 years ago, when things fell into place and the kids were out of school, naturally we needed to decide what we were going to do for the rest of our lives and into our “retirement”, as we were still relatively young. Well, we decided to take our pensions and buy a caravan park of our own. Having been avid campers for many years, we had seen some amazing parks. We knew what we wanted in a park and therefore knew what to do to make our customers happy.

And so, Corian’s Caravan Park was born. Ok, not born, just taken over from previous owners and renamed. Fortunately for us, the park already had some amazing regular customers who decided to stay loyal and give us, the new owners, a chance. I assume that we met all your expectations because they kept returning, year after year.

A wonderful aspect of owning Corian’s was that our customers soon became our friends. We often got to spend multiple holidays during the year with our loyal customers and friends. We got to see their kids grow up from toddlers to young adults and were able to spend some fantastic times together.

In turn, 20 years does take its toll. We are now grandparents and our kids who finished school 20 years ago are now almost 40. Our grandchildren are also growing up and we are only getting to see them a few times a year.

Unfortunately, things in our beautiful country have changed a great deal too. Everything is just so expensive such as food, schooling, and even the fuel to tow a caravan down to the coast is not cheap! In fact, just to drive down to the coast, is not cheap any longer. It is getting harder and harder for people to take holidays during the year and with the added burdens of the Covid lockdown, everyone is feeling it. The last few years have, as a result, become increasingly more difficult for us to make ends meet at Corian’s. Though, it must be said, we didn’t buy a caravan park to get rich. We bought a caravan park because it was our passion and we were happy to work hard to be able to give you a wonderful holiday experience and to bring you back every year.

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