Why us?

Each camp leaves special memories, whether it rains or whether the sun burns the smoke out of everybody, it’s still great.”


At Exclusive Caravans we want the camper to always be happy and excited about his bargain Caravan! A caravan is not just a caravan; it becomes a part of your home & family… It’s your home away from home. We ensure that the caravan you buy from us is… serviced, roadworthy clean & 100% working! Remember, it is your home!

“I started the business on a very small scale to slowly establish myself in the caravanning market. As time moved on, I started to develop a great love for the camping industry. It’s so nice for me to advise and help an inexperienced, new, or seasoned camper in the world of camping.

We at Exclusive Caravans always want to be part of our clients’ camp stories and laugh together with them about the jokes and stories that get told around those late-night campfires…

Yes, it’s nice, that’s what camping is all about right?

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