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New & Used Caravans, Trailers, Tents & Camping Accessories in Randburg, Gauteng


Situated on the corner of Republic Road and Rabie Street in Randburg, Loftus Caravan City is a well-known landmark in the area and beyond, centrally located between Sandton and furtherst reaches of Johannesburg's northern subsurbs toward the east, and the neighbouring West Rand suburbs of Roodepoort. In fact, the dealership has developed such a reputation that people will often refer to it by name when giving directions. This should come as no surprise to customers of one of the most successful dealerships in the country – for years now Loftus has been the biggest selling dealer in South Africa.

The reputation and good name Loftus has earned is no fluke, but rather a result of the hard work and dedication put in by brothers Woody, Neil and Joel Loftus. Started in 1988 with their father, Joel Snr., the family has placed a lot of emphasis on giving customers personal attention, promoting the dealership at shows and exhibitions, and advertising regularly in key publications.

I believe one of the reasons for our success is the fact that we understand what our customers need,” says Woody. “We take our service even further and for us it is important to develop solid, lasting relationships with customers, treating all customers the same, no matter how big or small their purchase is.”

The approach has obviously worked. Loftus Caravan City has been awarded the coveted Customer Satisfaction Index award, an award where customers are canvassed for their opinion on service. Loftus originally began as a Sprite dealership before being awarded the Gypsey dealership in 1994 and in the process became the first dealership in the country to be awarded both brands. The scenario was repeated in 1995 when Loftus began selling Jurgens products – setting another first when it became the first multi-franchise dealership.

A question of kin, there is a widely held belief in the business world that you should never work with family. But Woody, Neil and Joel have proved that wrong, forming a strong and formidable partnership! “We all have our area of expertise,” says Neil. “Joel focuses on sales; I am more technically minded so I focus on the workshop and repairs side, while Woody gets involved in all aspects of the dealership.”

Another reason for their success is that they are all passionate about the business. “This is a great industry to work in,” says Joel. “You can really get excited about the product as it is a pleasurable, family orientated item that we are selling.”

All three agree though that the running of the business is a team effort – staff included – and they could not do it without the excellent support they receive from the 35 employees. Constantly looking at ways to improve the dealership.

“Looking towards the future our plans are to continuously investigate ways to improve our service and hopefully expand, so that we can increase our parking area,” says Woody. “Our biggest concern is our clients. They always come first.”


50 Republic Road, Fontainebleau, Randburg, South Africa

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