Why us?

The Mozambique Holiday Experience


Distances away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities and Towns. This young and upcoming resort is slowly but surely becoming part of this wonderful country. Not only are we situated close to the town of Ligogo but bordering a wonderful protected area with miles and miles of fresh water lakes.
Available 365 Days per Year

The resort will cater for the holiday seeker that want to rest and get away from the day to day activities of City living. Off peak season will be focused on marriages. When last did you have a romantic meal together, all pre planned. Information will follow.
300 Days of Sun per Year

“Sun” also known as the happy drug. Come and bathe yourself in sunshine and feel your world being turned around by one of God’s greatest gifts.
Vista Do Deus Offers:

A large tidal pool for safe swimming and snorkeling.
Swim out to the reef and enjoy the peace and harmony.
Tranquility, Safety and Harmony. Paradise!
Inhambane airport only 50 minutes away.

Guaranteed to leave you with stunning memories of the beautiful surroundings and friendly locals, your Mozambique holiday will have you experiencing the lush white beaches that are characteristic of this inviting paradise. Mozambique is a gem of a discovery; the idyllic setting for families or groups of friends.


Dongane - Legogo Rd, Mozambique

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