Are You Spending More Than R42 Per Day On Your Business Brand Advertising Cost?
Do reach on average more than 100,000 active people per day only in the camping industry?

Let’s talk real live stats, not assumptions and what we think we can do for your business branding, but what we can prove we can do for your business branding.

Who is Kamp-Mal?

Kamp-Mal is a registered business, with a focus on providing a casual platform for the Camping community to discuss their day to day camping experience. 

Even after 200,000 members, our community is still growing strong with over 3000 new users per month as you will see on the live stats. 

The need has arisen where businesses wanted to advertised to our community. To keep our Community SPAM FREE from adverts, we introduced the Kamp-Map Web-App ( for businesses to advertise on. 

Our App advertisers are allowed to place their Kamp-Mal-App adverts on our Community platforms 2 times per week, per group. We have 2 Platforms to advertise on. 

The following is the visibility we can give your business for only R42 per day.

(Please note, we do cater for resorts with less than 10 stands and clients selling products under R300 or working from home on our DIY option, contact us for more detail)

Our Open Group Stats

The open group has been created as some of our community members wanted to share their experiences with people outside the closed group. 

Over a 2 month period

  • 1,4 mil views average/pd – 23,300
  • 12,000 posts average/pd – 200
  • 37,000 interactions average/pd – 616

Our Close Group Stats

This is our original private community group. 

Over a 2 month period

  • Growth 6,200 – average/pd -103
  • 7345 posts average/pd – 60
  • 152,164 interactions average/pd – 80,000

Lots of stats? Let’s sum them up for a better understanding of what you get for only R42 per day.

No, we do’t say our groups have over 250,0000 users, we state that of the 250,000 users, everyday 80,000 of them actively engage on our community forums. That means 80,000 people that can see your business daily. 

From our open group, the shares reach over 700,000 views per month. Again, this is actual views, not possible views, as you can see from the stats. 

Kamp-Mal can only proof that your brand will get the maximum exposure in the camping industry on our platforms. We can’t guarantee sales. 

Any product or brand needs time to build loyalty and brand awareness before sales starts to follow. 

We therefore always state to advertise at least 3 months if you don’t immediately see sales, if after that you don’t think we are the correct platform for your business, you can give 30 days notice. 

  • You App listing, which provide users with all your detail, and what you have to offer.
  • Your personal assistant, to help you place your adverts. You just send them the adverts via WhatsApp, and they will post your advert 4 times during the week in the 2 groups.
  • They send through any leads that they can pick up on comments during the day. 
  • They will run any specials or competitions on your behalf, you just need to send them the info.
  • You are allowed 3 competitions per year, if more space is available, you are welcome to book. Competitions increases your visibility for 30 days to the maximum exposure to new members and current members.